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Jill Berry

Oh you flatter me so! I just loved your class, and want to know, with all this traveling, when are you coming to Colorado???? Wish I could take off to Valley Ridge and take both classes there....
You can post on my blog now, they changed something with the new version but I kicked it right out.
Much love to you, and many thanks too.


Welcome back to your sitting spot - it is lovely indeed. And from the sound of things I guess you'll be away from it quite a bit with all the fun teaching experiences coming up this year. What a wonderful slew of classes! Wish I could have joined you at Artfest this year cuz it sounds like it was a gem of a time as well.
You may not post as often as others but when you do post it is always a pure delight =)


katie, it's been so wonderful to see you take flight on your creative path these past years. I am so happy for you. And your art work has just been getting even more powerful.

Bill Steiner

And we're looking forward to your teaching in Italy September 20 - 26!!

Mary Beth Shaw

Hey Katie, I am soooo glad to get a chance to know you a wee bit better at AF this year. You are *truly* a dear.

Jennifer White

Amazing amazing... I cannot wait to meet you @ Valley Ridge and I wonder what it would take to get the talented Jill Berry to fly back out here for your classes too...just spend the weekend with her at the first workshop at Valley Ridge, she was so excited about ArtFest I could barely contain my jealousy.

I'm sure you are so happy to be back home, Misty was telling me that no sooner did you arrive that it was over in a heartbeat.

I wish I could attend all the classes across the U.S... but will see you in a few months back here in WI.



it was so great to see you and have our walk on the beach... someday i hope to walk along your river with you.... i miss you and love that i will get to see you again in just a few weeks.


Lordy, Girl! You are all over the map! I wish I had oodles of free time; I'd come to every one of your classes. Love your new artwork and the photos you took. Hope you can carve out some time for yourself in between map jumping. Love what I see.


I was so fortunate to have been in your Symbols Shaping Space class. I used your teaching to monitor my own inner critic the remainder of Artfest, every time I found myself comparing my projects to others. Thank you for that. Your class was my absolute favorite. I felt so at home, so right. Although I'm not done yet, (I choose to chat and hang with others, soaking in the feeling of fitting someplace in this world rather than finish the piece) I'm planning on finishing this week and I'll be sure to send you photos.
Thank you so much, Katie.
Honored and inspired,


katie, your art is so original and beautiful. just wanted you to know that :)
hope our paths cross someday.

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