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Susan Tuttle

Dear, dear Katie -- I absolutely adore this new piece of yours! There are so many wonderful layers peeking through and such rich, gorgeous color!

I am most attracted to the exaggeration and beautiful imperfections of the facial features -- truly human.

Your work is magical as are you:)


you are the most magical person i know.


Tamara C.

Stunning...and very spiritual in so many ways. Do you ever sell prints of your work? I'm pretty sure I couldn't affort the originals (and if I could, you should be charging more!). Thank you for sharing this. :) Tamara

Joan Tucker

The "eye". yes -as my Polish Grandmother would say. as she clasped her hand to her heart and looked up.. ah yes information incoming and knowing from a privileged source. Thanks for a glorius painting.


The emotions that show in your paintings are always so strong. I'll carry this painting and the amazing words with me the whole day. Thank you.

judy wise

We're both channeling blue snoods with ears; something straaaange is in the air. I love the position of the hands. such a gentle creature. xo


I hope she doesn't channel any dandelions up her nosey!

So wonderful, she makes me smile!


Good advice! I like the third eye, like an extra one just for seeing beauty.

Deb Trotter

Oh, Katie! This is about the most whimsical thing imaginable! I love how these dolls are so whimsical & wild, all at the same time.
Also, your daughter in your grandmother's dress! I just love that - how family generations somehow touch each other with the mere wearing of a lovely velvet dress. No wonder you were teary-eyed.

Hugs to you, sweetie!


Jennifer White

Those rosey cheeks and the hint of a smirk...I think she's calling to me possibly....the third eye too...almost feeling a wink about to happen. I have to agree with Judy, the blue is fantastic... just such a happy shade... this is truly lovely, Katie...



Oh I love this bunches. The colors and the sentiment and his big nose and that third eye. Wonderful stuff here. :)

Kim Rae Nugent

I just love this piece ... for so many reasons :)


Love the face, and the message...I hope your little doggy will be okay....xxx


This piece brought tears to my eyes - I needed to see it, and read it today. I love this - I think it is my all time favorite of yours; feels as if it was meant for me.

Thanks Katie, so much for sharing this.

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