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judy wise

Your f*&%ing ingenuity f*^#ing blows me away. Incredible. Go in safety. xo


So crazily creative on so many levels! I love them!

Sharon @ norah'S

you are too funny!


These self portraits are great! I wish I was taking a class with you this time in VA, alas I can only take one this year. Maybe you'll be back next year?!


beyond brilliant!!! I LOVE these!
see you SO soon... i can hardly wait one more night..... ;-)
safe travels dear one! xoxooxx

Katelen Tays

I love these.. I love taking shadow shots, but your have gone beyond..


these are my favorite self portraits i've ever seen! love it.

wanda miller

too too cute and funny and sooo spring(y)! thanks, wanda

Carla Sonheim

Katie, I just LOVE these string-and-daisy-shadow people!!! They are truly wonderful.

Joanie Hoffman

these SPs are wonderful.
happy days,


Oh my gosh, Katie! These self-portraits are so great! Drawing in the grass - WOW!!! Divine whimsy.
:) lulu


Oh my, I had no idea there were so many people walking/standing/lying in my yard. I must learn to watch more closely to spot them as you did. :)
Happy trails...

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