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carol sloan

So sweet Katie. So timely as I realize all these things as I go through my mom's things after her death. We just never know how those little things that our loved ones keep are going to impact us. I love reading your words and so many times they seem to have a parallel meaning in my own little life. I am looking forward to seeing you at Jane's this year!

judy wise

What beautiful photographs. So glad for the time you had together. xo

Mary Beth

What an incredibly beautiful dress and your daughter is amazing in it. I feel sure your Mom would be so very proud. Great photos.

Kate Robertson

Oh your daughter looks beautiful in that dress. What a special moment that is. I am sure your mom was there too!



So so beautiful!! The sentiments shared here AND the photos!!

Those pockets!! I MUST figure out the pattern for those pockets! I want to sew some on every skirt and pair of jeans I own!!


sigh... she is so beautiful and that dress...oh my! i love that it was your mothers.

i don't think i will ever be able to hold back the tears when i say goodbye to someone i love... every.single. time. i think i am not going to cry, but then i can't help it, the tears come rolling down....
so glad you had this time with your girls. xoxoo

Laura Miller

I've not been able to find the exact quote, but I once read that love is so powerful only the really courageous dare risk it. Your daughter is beautiful and that dress seems almost a portal connecting her, you and your mom. Lovely.


Why restrain the tears? Isn't that the language of the soul becoming evident in a form we may recognize without having to question its identity? Tears of joy, of grief, of relief, what difference could that make? They are in my opinion, little shards from the soul, that magical crystal that holds our emotions and that at times refuses to be kept silent and blind to its own needs.

I celebrate tears, they can communicate so much if we understand the language, seldom are they mistaken as words could be. Even tears of rage have that power. When we cry, the soul has spoken and some times only the silence is listening...bliss.

kelly snelling

life and the love we feel from one generation woven through and into another swells our hearts so big that tears can't help but burst out. embrace all the love, katie, and the tears and know that you are so special. you always warm my heart.

Lee Anne "Nikki"

The tears....they always come when it is time to go on our own journeys......Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos and words.....it is always a joy to visit.


So beautiful, and such a lovely story, too.


i still get chocked up with my daughter leaves to go home and she is only 30minutes away...xo


She is beautiful as is the dress.

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