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Sharon @ norah'S

WOW what a welcome. I felt it and I so enjoyed seeing your friend, the old man,and the prayer flags and the deep swimming hole. All that. Are you sure you didn't see me there? I was


dear katie! your post today is so lovely! what a lovely thought to post pictures of "wishes" ready to take flight - and here i was thinking you only got to make one wish per dandelion flower!!! and your rock friend - how exquisite!
i would love to come and sit on your blanket, to share tea and rhubarb crisp (sounds great - is it a secret family recipe???) - may I bring some hand stitching to do while we chat and laugh?

Katelen Tays

Thank you for the peaceful, joyful welcome.. I did so enjoy my self.


your barn swallows are not related to mine in any way....as ours build and build under our deck....4 nests right now with babies in them and always....ALWAYS...they swoop at us and our dog the moment you walk outside to do anything....it's not a social thing...they are trying hard to scare us!!

obviously they don't scare us, but ohhhh they think they are soooo incredibly viscous!!!

and on top of all that....they make such a huge mess !!!


Dear Katie,

Have my slippers ready and let me know when you'd like me to arrive!



What a lovely post, and what a sweet surprise to see a poem by
Li Po, one of my favorites of the Chinese poets of the T'ang Dynasty!

Your river is beautiful, and I am sure inspires much poetry!


Beauty is not only in the eyes of the beholder...
It is also in the eyes of a friend!


Oh yes, I would love to walk along the banks of this river with you, sit on a blanket and talk. Your photos take me in, I am there now. Lovely post.


Ok Im coming over. I'l take tea, rhubarb crisp and lots of hugs.

mary ann

i think you're old friend and i see the same dentist. i recognize that crown work.


if only i could transport myself right there this instant, how perfect that would be today... i would so love to meet your friends near your river.
i love your prayer flags and how they have wrapped themselves with love around your tree... so beautiful.
miss you so much. xoxoxo

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