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judy wise

I've been teary over Sophie. I'm so happy and relieved at the good news. Sending love to both of you and all the rest of the living things by the Tahuya River.

Jennifer White

Oh Katie... thank you for the update... I am so happy that it truly has a positive ending....and look how cute she is turned, as if telling us of course she will fight through this!

Katelen Tays

I am glad for the good news..I do hope all will turn out for the good.


deep sighs..right there with you both.


Joanie Hoffman

Yeay for Sophie! Always!
Happy days,


thinking of you both with a deep sigh of relief. she is so precious! holding you close to my heart now & always. xoxoxooxoxo


whew! wonderful wonderful wonderful news....the dogs of good manor are giving each other high fives for sophie!


So relieved to hear this good news. I'm late getting around to making my visits, so I only just found out. Hooorraaay!

Wellness Writer

So glad to hear the good news about Sophie! I'm so relieve for you and Walter!


Cinda Rae Oliverio

bOW WOW!!! I am GLAD to also hear the good news about Sophie! She sure is a DARLING!!! Give her a hug and a BIG kiss for me!

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