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She will be fine, and your friend will come home healthy and ready to walk to the river with you and to be in the studio watching and loving you.

Ever since we discussed this there are candles offered to QuanYin daily. I will continue to do so until Sophie is back home, well and happy. Love to you and hold on to the best hope, I am.
Hugs from here.


I'm sending some and keep them as long as you need them !!!


Wishing the best for Sophie's surgery. I know how heart wrenching it is when our furry babies are sick.


sending you a long warm hug, wishing i could be with you tomorrow.
i will pray for you and sophie tonight and keep you both close to my heart.
miss you so much. xoxoxoxooxo

stephanie lee

of course my prayers are with you and your precious Sophie. And on that strand of beads of fear I see a handful of golden beads of strength and trust that are more radiant and pure than the rest. But you still count them, as you should, one by one with a trembling finger until the end becomes the beginning again and time shifts and hearts surrender and you notice that the beads of fear are fewer and fewer and the golden ones are......

thinking of you with lots and lots and lots and lots of love.


a song for sophie...

we only want
leaves to quake.
we want our hearts smooth
as still ponds catching a rose soft sunrise.
we want softer breezes..long days.
flowers in bloom...
we want mornings
fresh starts
sun dried sheets
river walks,
a song in our hearts
count on the sweet
blessings of



My thoughts and prayers will be with your familly and Sophie for a successful surgery and a positive outcome.

Katelen Tays

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your beautiful friend.

Jennifer White

Oh Katie... I have been here before as well... my heart is full of Sophie tonight. I will think of her tomorrow and pray that the outcome is clear... I'm sorry you must both go through this.

Shari Beaubien

You and Sophie will certainly be in my heart and in my prayers, Katie. xoxo, Shari


It's Thursday and both Sophie and you are in my thoughts. The look in her eyes is so precious... Sending as much good energy as I can. xo

judy wise

Praying for both of you now. Wishing I could do more. xo


I've got my fingers crossed good and tight for Sophie's happy health to last years and years and years to come!


Many prayers and warm hugs to you and your family.


I'm with you. I have lost far too many beloved dogs not to know the worry you are going through. I'm hoping for the very best outcome. Five is much too young.

Tamara C.

You and Sophie are loved and wrapped in the warm wings of prayers. Remember that for her, it's always been about the love she has gotten from you and given in return. What a beautiful gift that is. Irreplacable and true. :) Loving Hugs, Tamara

Reva Solomon

Sending loving thoughts and prayers to you and to Sophie - visualizing you two running and playing together - hugs - Reva (Los Angeles)



wishing and hoping with all my heart for you and your beautiful Sophie. xoxo

liz elayne

holding you all in my heart in this moment.
sending healing light...


What a lovely poem for Sophie. I too am praying and hoping she will fair well through her surgery. Such soulful eyes she has.


Thinking of you and Sophie today. I wish you peace.

Wellness Writer

When I read your comment on my blog, I didn't realize your dog Sophie had had an operation. I hope she is recovering quickly and painlessly! Thoughts and prayers to you and Walter!


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