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Gorgeous piece of work!

Judy Merrill-Smith

I almost never make a piece "just because," so I totally understand your satisfaction. Cool!

judy wise

Oh, she's wonderful. Especially her face and her body and the background (lol).


I love this doll, and the process it took to make her. (hey, her eyes look like mine on a Friday) She is wonderful. So spontaneous and imperfect, like us all.
I've still got my fingers crossed for Sophie.


She is quite lovely Katie. I am sure she will grace whatever surface you 'tack' her up onto! Prayers for Sophie oxo

Wellness Writer

Sometimes, I believe we just have to take our energy and "create" rather than focus on the things we think we're supposed to be doing. Good for you! What a lovely doll!


Jennifer White

Katie, I've been thinking about Sophie and patiently awaiting good results. Your piece above, her face is stunning. i've never had the feelings that you describe, being able to create something without having the feeling of even a little internal pressure of having it "be" something or worrying if it's good enough...for me or anyone for that matter...one of my biggest hurdles, but I too am a work in progress.


These are the creations of the heart. I think she is beautiful.

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