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Dear Sophie, how fashionable of you to wear that elegant piece around your neck. You must have renewed your Vogue subscription, you clever girl.

Hoping to see you soon all healthy and enjoying the sunshine, we send you fur hugs from here,

McKenzie and Aliah

Joanie Hoffman

yeay, Sophie!
Joanie, Fuzz-Marie, & Chopper Chan (also Savvy a cat).

Jennifer White

Sophie... I had surgery today on my ankle.. but fortunately I don't have to wear the collar like you, but I can sympathize. Make sure you're taking care of your mom too since she is so worried about you and loves you so much. We continue to have you in our prayers and all our positive energy is directed your way.

With Love...

Jennifer & Mischa

Laura Miller

Sophie, I had a very similar thing last year and the doc was all doom and gloom, but my mom and i BELIEVED and here I am, just fine thanks. We'll BELIEVE with you and your mom.
P.S. I hate those lamp shades too. Who invented those anyway?


Dear Sophie-
I have spent alot of time in one of those yucky plastic things and so i have some tips for you. It doesn't have to be so looong to keep you from licking yourself....your mommy can actual cut it down a bit so you are not running into everything. She can sand the edge or glue some fabric on the edge to make it softer too so when you twist to try and lick you don't scratch yourself. And as far as the benign deal, what else could it be but benign? Love you lots!


Oh Sophie, I do hope everything is OK with you. You look really good after surgery; your color's back and you looks so healthy. I'm hoping for great results.

Reva Solomon

Dear Sophie - even though we are two elderly cat boys - we hope you'll accept our thoughts & prayers for a speedy and full recovery - wouldn't it be nice to see you up and chasing us ! We too have had our trials and tribulations - two years with diabetes and insulin shots every twelve hours - pills for bowel affliction (thank goodness for yummy pill pockets) and teeth extractions - lots of them - oy! Get well, Ms. Sophie - xo xo your cat boys - Elvis (age 15) and Vinnie (age 17) PS - our Mom had to write this because our paws kept messing up the keys - she sends a shout out too!

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