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Dale Anne

How cute!
And, wow did I do a double take when I saw the black cocker spaniel - it looked like ours, her name was Brittany!!!


Your snazzy new camera takes wonderful photos. Those children are simply gems. "digging for buried treasure..." how I remember that.
Your classes sound exciting and Valley Ridge Art Studio is beautiful. Such a scenic place to create.


I love my mac...I've had it since mother's day and I'm just head over heels for it !!

miz Carla

awww congrats on the new toy Miz Katie--I've heard nothing but good things about the new Imacs.

Little Lily is growing up way too fast--she's such a pretty little cotton top.

big hugs and kisses

Jennifer White

I cannot wait until Valley Ridge! I'm STARVED for class, feels like it's been a lifetime since I've been there. In reality, only since March...so anxious to finally meet you.

Oh Oriveto! You're going this year, and I'll be there next year with Misty. I cannot wait to see what you bring back with you for pictures and memories! It's just around the corner for you.

This is my first Mac, I love it love it love...never knew that I could being that I have been on a PC for my entire life. My MacBook just makes me happy.

Have a fabulous week Katie...pictures posted today are fabulous, too.


temp jobs

very artistic page.. thanks for the post!

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