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pam aries

I love the stories of the face! Especially the ice cream bed! Wow..you have quite the imagination. all you gals looked like you were having so muchf un at the gathering! What a bunch of artsy women in one place! Hooray !

sherry goodloe

I just LOVE the faces you have created here. They really "move" me!


I am so glad they are back, these are from the depths of Katie I have known and loved! A little more dimension, but still definetely Katie! I LOVE them!

judy wise

I recognized a couple of those girls. Thrilling, the places you take us.

judy wise

And I love them all. So different. Love the one with the face in the tip of her nose ... she my sister.

Sharon @ norah'S

The one with the face in the tip of her nose might be Judy's sister, but I think I know the odd duck. I never knew she spoke French though. But she is always walking around with her shoes in her hand. What a wonderful group of friends they are. I want to go with them.


you have inspired me again,,, I'm going to paint faces tonite!


Your faces always have so much character! I should practice more with faces. They have never been a strong point in my art, so maybe I should try channelling. In any case, I love yours and all the little stories that go with them.

Katelen Tays

I love those faces..I just love them.


these faces are marvelous!! would look so good on a necklace...xo

Joan Tucker

The sister are doing for themselves. Thank ou for this glorious post. Joan Tucker

Angela Hoffmann

Katie your blog and insights and fatastical imagination are so refreshing..i was glancing up at the wall tucked behind my office door that faces my desk and spotted your doll: Gracie #13 on my wall and sought to visit your blog! What an inspiration you are to us artists out here! I wish one day to join you in one of your classes...Maybe Portland 2010! I now have tons of family living in the Portland and Seattle areas and it would be fun to come for classes and visiting(providing that is part of your teaching schedule)! But again..thank you for your inspiration!! xoxo

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