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Oh Gosh! I remember them! I haven't thought about them for years but I always liked their music too. Thanks for the links and thanks for the memories. Now I have to go listen to some more.

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That sounds very interesting. I’ll look forward of you next post. Thank you for posting.

Manila Homes

Well that’s okay, I was just dropping by to check this blog and I find it very entertaining.

judy wise

What an amazing self portrait. I love it.


WOW...Pat Metheny...haven't heard in a while. Thanks for the reminder. And those granbabies are getting big! Glad to catch up KK...with all your inspiration! Happy Saturday!

Sweetest in the Gale

Oh wow...when I clicked on your "this song", I couldn't believe it. This song is one of my most favorite songs in the entire world. It truly seeps into my soul and sits with me every time I listen to it, and I've never come across another person who even knows of it. I haven't visited your beautiful blog in a while...I couldn't help but comment on the song, hope you don't mind. (formerly Fledgling Poet)

Jennifer White

oh pat metheny... GAWD haven't heard that for years, what a great memory...how much do you LOVE you tube? LOL!

Safe travels Katie...I'll be seeing you again in just a few short months now back in Wisconsin... counting down the days dear friend.



missing you, katie. i'm sorry we are so far away these days from one another. x


my darling...
not sure i can completely convey my joy of being with you this week at art unraveled.
i am home now...and singing your praises from afar.

you are a bright and generous gift.


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