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judy wise

Oh, hold on, katie. I'm sorry it's being hard for you today. And we both know it can turn on a dime. Prayers to ease the moments. Grace.


i carry you
in my heart.
i take you
by the hand,walk beside you,to the earth and silently we
until the one thousand thoughts, brazen fallling leaves begging for attention,
beside us.

beside us.
beautiful and silent.


i know these feelings.
thank god they pass. thank god for poetry.... for art, for flowers, for love, for dear friends.
take care and know you are loved.


I hear the river calling you...


Boy, I can so relate, Katie. Hang in there & remember to breathe!

liz elayne

yes to breath
yes to holding on
yes to poetry (even if just one line)
yes to the stones....loud...yes, very very loud.

sending love and peace...


Boy, I can really relate to this!

Carla Sonheim

You're not alone, Katie. Thank you for sharing so beautifully what so many of us also go through.

Wellness Writer

Dear Katie,
What a wonderful description of these feelings. Did I ever tell you about the book, Poetic Medicine? I, too, feel that writing poetry can be a truly healing experience. Hope you're feeling better.


carol sloan

I certainly know that feeling Katie...sometimes I just seem to turn in circles...


Well, I certainly know these feelings and thank God they do pass. Thanks for reminding us that we are not alone in this and with the help of friends, faith, poetry, flowers, sun, etc., we are able to overcome them quicker.

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