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Kelly Snelling

anne sexton's poem, in celebration of my uterus immediately springs to mind. better to be without it when it is stubborn and carrying a rock. i imagine mine is not long for this world either. it does cause a pause though to wonder how it will be without hormone fueled highs and lows. safe travels, katie. i so wish i were joining you all!!


I love the one of all the tootsies!


Oh Katie, I'm so glad that your news is good. Even the eventual operation may not be so bad. So much better than bad news. Soak up your Pacific Rays and have a good, safe journey. Looking forward to new photos and stories.

Judy Merrill-Smith

How brave to photograph yourself in such a precarious position! (Or, all the better to distract yourself from your worries?) Glad to hear the news is good.


Tootsies dancing in the breeze, what joy! Glad to hear it's just a calcified rocka nd nothing else. Let them take it and the rest. It'll all be fine. I had it done at age 35, it was necessary for a better life. I so wish I were one of your lucky students. One day, some day......

Susan Tuttle

thinking of you and sending warm, healing thoughts my friend:)

Have a joyful time in CA as I know you will!


Deb Taylor

katie, you will be fine. i went thru the same thing, only 3 of those damn things took residence in mine, but now everything is gone and better days are ahead of us all!! rest and be well.

alex castro ferreira

everything will be ok..enjoy your trip to california i wish i could attend your wonderful workshop. BEST XO


I love and adore you and wish I could have taken your class on Saturday...but was SO happy you were there in my class with Judy! What a joy!


good news!!! sweet katie...have a safe and wonderful trip!!


i miss u


miss you!

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