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martha brown

That was beautiful, Katie -- thanks for sharing it.....


Oh.... it didn't take long to make me cry too. I lived through most of what she was showing... but 50 years after that. What an amazing talent... to bring all those emotions with sand. And what an interesting form of art - one that does not allow any attachment to the creation, as it changes from moment to moment. Thank you for posting the link.

Bea Neal

My mouth is hanging open. Thank you for sharing that. :)Bea

lorraine lewis

That was amazing- truly amazing!


beyond amazing...i love watching her work and seeing the stories emerge, one into another and then the next and then just wiped away, so true to life?
so beautiful.

alex castro ferreira

it's a magical moment very unique. thanks for sharing Katie

reva Solomon

Wow! amazing! xo Reva (Los Angeles)

Paula Bogdan

We teach our sixth graders to do this every year! They have a blast, and it's so lifelike!


I have seen her before. She's great. But I've never seen the "hand rain' thing. Amazing! I want to play it again, bye!

Katelen Tays

Yes she is great.. I love the hand rain thing.. I have not visited lately..You have been busy.
Love all you have shared.

julie king

i'm in awe of her and her amazing talent. wow!!

Susan Tuttle

dearest Katie,
how are you my friend:)? i hope you are enjoying the last days and evenings of summer. Thank you for sharing this link -- i look forward to watching.

i have also enjoyed your night painting -- beautiful and soulful as always:)


Wellness Writer

Wow! Now that's amazing. Thanks for sharing. I hope you're well!


I have wave upon wave of goosebumps. Amazing!

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