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Don coker

Katie, I love your work! Each piece is unique and powerful.

Angie Platten

You make me want to drop everything and go paint.

I hate that we didn't have any time to visit this year at AU. I hope your classes went well.

Carol Wiebe

This really inspired me . . . the wind, red, dancing. Here's a small poem in return:

Rapt in the whirlwind of
his invisible arms, the temperature
of her heart leapt from ashen gray to
crimson. She welcomed this
conflagration, as she swayed
to the beat of that fiery bloom
within her. All resistance
melted and the delicate
scent of petals filled her
being as she rose
with her partner into the wild
red sky.


i am soooo glad you're back! i have a show coming up at the end of september, and when i need a break or inspiration or validation for something i'm wanting to add to a painting, i go to misty's blog and yours. so, selfishly, i look forward to more regular posts now that you're back! yay!!!

Jennifer White

Balance... how perfect....just what I needed to be reminded of right now.


We've missed you! Glad you had a good time. I'm looking forward to seeing your week in pictures.
Nice journal page. I'll check back soon to see if you've gotten your balance back.


I know what you mean about needing to recuperate. I vegged out--reading and sleeping off and on for two days before I started to unpack from AU.

I enjoyed your two classes so much and then being in Judy's class with you the last day was also terrific. Looking forward to your class photos and seeing you again in October!


so tender and delicate... i LOVE where your hands & heart took you in your journal today.
miss you so much... i am in pa...let's talk soon?????


today i found your blog, and love to look your enchanting art. i must start to read your blog from the beginning...


Lorraine Lewis

I was not able to take your class at Art Unraveled but I bought a wonderful piece of your original art- I love it and I think I need a companion piece to go with it! I hope to take a class with you sometime- Love your art!

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