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Morna Crites-Moore

Beautiful easel and gorgeous spider web! Your "go with the flow" approach to the mood change is interesting to me. I'm sorry you are feeling on the down side. I think your art is fabulous. :)


we will be here hen you return


I have to observe those flows in myself too. Although I tend to be 'up' in autumn, I am often a quieter me in spring. The most disturbing part is the period before I remember that spring always take me that way.

Sharon @ norah'S

Have huge quantities of fun at Art and Soul. Wish I could be there too. I'm just imagining the large paintings with your new easel. And will be so anxious for you to come back to it ....and start one.


Have a great trip! Love your easel! Lucky you. Great photos, I especially like the spider webs. I've seen them around too and thought about snapping them, but never have the camera at the right time. Have fun. We'll be here waiting when you get back.

Sandi Terry

Nothing wrong with some down times as long as you don't get too down. I'm usually my best in Autumn. Good enough IS good enough!! Take things one day at a time and you'll make it through just fine! Wish I could have made it to Valley Ridge when you were there, maybe next time. Gorgeous easel!! Lucky you!!!

lorraine lewis

I wanted to cry when I read your post- I know all to well that feeling you have felt But I wanted to tell you that you can't be forgotten. You have touched too many souls with your kind spirit and your amazing art. We might forget who we are now and then- but those who love us always remember who we are.


I'm feeling the same way...
I love your easel, it's so much more attractive than mine.
You and I have a birthday coming up, so let me wish you a very happy one right now.

Sherri Brannon

I completely related to your post...sometimes I simply must retreat. Sending good thoughts~~

sue pieper

Katie, the easel is beautiful and I can't wait to see those larger paintings-great trade! I saw your book at VR for your class next year-it took my breath away, it's so very beautiful! I'm still hoping to make it to Cedarburg to spend my birthday with you, but somehow I've managed to screw up a hip again and have been grounded by the doc for now-no road trips he says, but I need to get that changed-quick! Have a great time, will talk when you get back-safe trip to you.


Dear Katie, you look like you stepped out of da Vinci's sketch. So vulnerable and beautiful......

Carol Wiebe

I read your post with great empathy because I have been cutting way back on the amount of "broadcasting" that I do via social media,lately. I am in a space of building up my inner plenitude so that when I do offer a class, it is out of a brimming well.

That easel! It is a gift of love.

And yes, I remember you. In fact, in spite of cutting back on Internet time, your blog called to me. I think the ESP is working!

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