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Congratulations on the impending new grandbaby :-) But... I selfishly wish you were coming to Artfest!


Congratulations. Things move and change so quickly and, as you point out, we have no idea what is actually happening. Thanks for the reminder that pulling back and settling in are good things.

Judy Merrill-Smith

I don't teach a lot, and it's all right down the street, but I'm thinking of cutting back or quitting it all together. I put a lot into my teaching, and it has its rewards, but I'm feeling that I need a lot more creative time for myself. We shall see where this goes.... Nice to know that others are feeling this way, too.


I was hoping to see your name on the list of instructors for Artfest and was disappointed not to see it. This will be my first year to attend, and I really wanted to take a class from you. It is validating to see the reason unfold as to why something did or did not happen. What a wonderful reason! Congratulations!

I hope to take a class from you sometime in the near future!


congratulations to your family! how is it that I always seem to be pregnant around the same time as one of your daughters?! :) I'm due in early March.
looking forward to seeing the work your create in 2010.

judy wise

Thank you for sharing this process with us. Breathing in and breathing out. Every season has its perfect rhythm. And for the 4 retreats you have chosen - well, you will have renewed energy for them and your students will be blessed with new insights.

Sharon @ norah'S

Your beautiful quiet forest just sets the mood....and then there you are learning new dance steps. And cleaning your space. I just finished doing that and I just want to go in there and stand and wish I could be in there all the time. Congratulations on another grand. And I look forward to seeing more ART from you. It is such a treat. xo

Tara Finlay

Katie, Your daughter is more beautiful than any model or movie star. She is just gorgeous.


Lovely pictures and wonderful news. I know how happy this will make you xoxo


Aww, congratulations! What a beautiful baby it will be too, with those two as parents.
I feel a connection with the Earth this time of year too. My post today was similar to your first photo.
Good that you are slowing down. Most of us have far too much on our agendas. Not enought time to live and laugh.


Hi Katie: ohhhhhh, those two are just BEAUTIFUL !!! I can only imagine just how exquisite their little off-springggg will be : ) lots of happpy for you Katie and lots and lots for them toooo : ) don't you just love it when we discover the mystery to the great "why" things happen or don't ?? the answer(s) always come when we just sit quietly, trust and LISTEN to our Creator, He only wants what is best for us !!!! I am sooo happpy for you Katie, you will most certainly be there for this grand-baby in March !!! no committtments to feeel bad about, no stress to have to make a choice, nope, none of that, ha : ) thank you for sharing your delightful art and life with us : )
Blessings, Sandra in AZ

lorraine lewis

Congratulations Katie- what a sweet blessing. Your daughter is beautiful, love the photograph!

alexandra castro ferreira

Congratulations......so happy for you and your family. as always when you post there's some answers...when we have a goal and it seems difficult to achieve there's an inner reason. God(if you are a believer) never makes mistake. i m doing for my part those fertility treatments for a long time now don't know God reasons and would like of course an happy result but as you say, we don't know why things happen but there s a reason. xo thanks for sharing

judy wilkenfeld

Congrats Katie - your kids are so beautiful. I also did a major cleanout so cleansing - 2 huge skip bins later!


Congrats to Marissa, I love being a grandparent. :)

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