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Jennifer White

LOVE Project Runway, and sometimes even love to hate some that are on there...who's your fave right now? I really like Carol Hannah and Althea...maybe there's a future for you to audition based on this gorgeous hat!


oh katie...it's SO lovely!! It's like what a grown up wood sprite would wear on her walks through the woods along the river..... :)

I love the ruffle!! It's making me thinks of upcycling those cant-yet-part-with-but-dont-fit sweaters of mine! :)

Thanks for sharing your play....


This is really cute, and looks so good on you. I, myself, am not a "hat person". I will sometimes throw a hood over my head if it is raining, but otherwise I go head naked. This is adorable and isn't it fun to break away and do something completely different?

judy wise

How cute is that?? Nice work, Katie. Really sweet and warm looking too.


i love what you have created! it's so pretty, it looks beautiful on you! i can't wait to see more!


This is awesome! Your talents never end! The hat really suits you and I am sure is great for your PNW autumns and winters. xoxoxoxo


Just like you stepped out of a storybook. Very sweet!


Ooolala! What a divine hat and you look adorable in it!


Oh my goodness! That is so cute!

Thank you for leaving the link on my blog. I'm going to be exploring yours.

Teresa aka Tess

I love this Katie! The ruddles are wonderful. It looks warm and cuddly.

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