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Sounds- and looks like you had a wonderful, creative time. I particularly like the image of your pregnant daughter - it looks magical and reminds me of cave paintings and aboriginal art.

Sharon @ norah'S

Wow, I enjoyed every photo and all the comentary. Enjoyed seeing all you journalfest art too. Now I'm wishing for an apple tree....not to be found in Texas


Such a lovely post just jam-packed with visual delights. Thanks so much for sharing all these gorgeous photos. You look so beautiful in the pictures... so happy and at peace. Looks like an amazing time.
All my best,

judy wise

holy moly what a scrumptuous entry. Yum yum to all the wonderful photos and to the great work you did at Journalfest. I am resting in the arms and so many delicious memories. And eating baked apples with cinnamon. Fall is good. xo


Amazing! I was so engrossed in reading each and every word, enlarging every photo! I love all this artwork you have produced. It is so good to work with others who inspire and teach. I wish we had more of these types of workshops where I live. But in the meantime, I will go vicariously through you.

Jennifer White

This was one of the best posts ever, Katie... I can't tell you how much I enjoyed walking through both your and Judy's words from Journalfest...what a trip that you were the students! I'm sure you were due for that, too. I must say, I'm quite intrigued by Theo Ellsworth and need to look him up...I really like what you did his workshop.

I owe you an email which I'm going to do now so we can catch up... xoxo


it was wonderful to meet you "in real time". you inspire so many... and me... thank you

the box from montana girl


Beautiful foliage. I think as we age we are given the gift to reflect...rather then rush on to the next thing.

gina armfield

it was so great to see you and spend time with you both in the house and in class - your work was outstanding in theo's class - didn't get to see that one first hand - lovely

Judy Merrill-Smith

So much to look at! Congrats on the 1000 journals entry. It is so amazing -- so many wonders out in the world, and you get to be a part of some of them. Great stuff!


What a beautiful post. So rich. I was sad to see it end. It was great to meet you finally. I so wanted an opportunity to chat a bit and get to know you but the opportunity never presented itself. Another time. I was also thrilled to have the opportunity to work in the Journal 381. So special.

pam aries

What a wonder filled journey I just experienced soaking in all your glorious artwork and reading about it all! Your art is and always has been an inspiration to mesince the very first time i saw you in Cloth Paper Scissors a few yearsago. Yuo really helped me get back on art path. Merci..

Kelly Snelling

i will have to come again, there is so much to roll my eyes over and let my spirit absorb! the photos are gorgeous. you are resplendent in your blue scarf in front of that china pink sky. and your paintings and drawings are fabulous. i want to paint so much right now. but i've twisted my back and have to go to bed. i don't wanna! i want to play. you've set my mind to reeling with the colors. xo!


it sounds & looks like it was such a perfect time for you & everyone there! i love all the photos of your work & seeing your glowing face!


oh katie. your self portrait photos are so lovely, as always, and your artwork? incredible!!!!! i love especially the pieces you did in anahata's class...so you. so very you.
glad to see that it was a lovely time for you, getting away....x

Lorraine lewis

gorgeous images- so beautiful. You look happy!


oh Katie what an inspiring post - so with your thoughts re: slow, quiet, and more slow...
loving ALL of this work - my son (he's 14 now) and I were lucky enough to take a class with Alex last June at Squam - wishing I had been here with all of you - such a treat to see Judy in Sept. and esp honored that she took my Squam class - just shlurping up all your goodness here like nourishing hot soup on a cold fall day - thanks so much...

xox - eb.

carol sloan

what a great post katie! i love reading your words, they touch a special place inside of me.

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