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Cinda Rae Oliverio

I also LOVE days like this, where your heart is bursting with love and compassion! May YOU have more days like this! I'll be sure to put this movie in my Netflix Q! Why do we need reminders to be full of joy, we should all be so lucky to just wake up to a new day!Sending love and prayers KK!

Jennifer White

I must put this on my Netflix queue to watch...and might I add, in looking at your profile picture on this page, you're absolutely glowing? What the heck...it's stunning...so happy to read this post again, made my day to see you so happy... xoxo


oooh i love that movie, i think i will watch it again... i added the other you wrote about to my queue.

thank you katie.

beautiful photo...and thoughts.
happy thanksgiving.

i am so thankful for you. xoxoxo


i am loving you new banner and i will have to watch your movie...wishing you a beautiful thanksgiving sweet one...xox


oh, the BEST kind of day! and your flower picture captures that feeling, bursting with color! pure joy...
: ) lulu

brain tumor

Oh I love this photo. It is so unique. Great post!!!

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