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Right now my face sings of happiness after seeing your gorgeous faces here! Thank you!!!

Angie Platten

These are wonderful, Katie! I especially love the first one but they are all so fantastic! Love the tree on the shoulder of the last one a lot.

By the way, I think right now, my face would say I was weary. YUK!

Jennifer White

My face this week tells the story of ... finding my way.

But, as I commented in Facebook...it's your second piece here that is so fabulous with her third eye.

I wonder what she's thinking?


Sharon @ norah'S

Jennifer, I don't wonder what she's thinking, I wonder what she's seeing.
Katie, my face most likely says I'm getting old. But my spirit say's not.
All three are wonderful as usual.


You have the great gift to capture the timelessness of the human condition through your painting. I can imagine the backstories of all three of these faces in various times and places. Thank you for sharing such delights with us all. xoxoxoxo

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