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gina armfield

what a magical place to live! Have you visited the horses yet with sugar and carrots? My favorite pic is the pumpkin in the river ;) Have a great weekend.

Bea Neal

Wonderful pictures. Isn't it funny where so places seem to bring ideas out. Love that leaf it's HUGE. :)Bea

Kelly Snelling

without a doubt i am sure that you live in the most wonderful place there is. the moss on the trees brought tears to my eyes. it looks to be powerfully good! sending hugs to you!

Carol Wiebe

Isn't it wonderful to appreciate the world through artist eyes?

Somehow that pumpkin at the water's edge really got to me: the poor thing wandered very far to quench its thirst. And who wouldn't be thirsty if their head was filled with candles and put on display out on the porch?

Seriously, though, the black lace of tree branches against the sky always looks like a net for stars to fall into.

Thanks for sharing.


those trees are so amazing with all the growth on them. i always love taking a walk (or ride) with you here. all the colors and textures and beauty and everything right there where you live... a magical place for sure. xoxo


I love the Northwest in autumn. The skeletons of trees against the slate skies, the glorious flames of the leaves, the brilliant sun, the wild wind, the rain in all it's forms. It's wonderous and your photos capture it perfectly.


I like this little peek into your day. Lovely surroundings where you live. Those mossy trees are so different! I can see how you can be inspired to paint your wonderful pictures.

Adrienne Berry

Ooh, that leaf is amazing! Loved the video too have to share with my husband he will get a kick out of that!

Vicki Van Slyke

Oh Katie--thanks for sharing these pics :)

Home sweet home huh?
Bear and all--but I loved them anyway.
Thanks for the call too--always love to hear from you guys.

xox Vicki


I missed going to the forest with my family. Those pictures are stuning.

Teresa aka Tess

I love your surroundings. Bears, oh my. I might not love that, but the rest. Yes, definitely the rest. Love seeing nature....

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