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LOVE seeing your studio!!!!!!! It's totally inspiring!


great studio shots, i just moved mine......and i don;t feel alone anymore............


I love your creative space ... it seems very 'you'! No wonder you love it. I agree that keeping things labelled and orderly is more pleasant. I tend to let things pile up for a week then do a big put-away, and the relief is palpable. I find I am much more creative when I have some SPACE!

mary ann

oh katie that is one rich & juicy space. i die.


Wow! I love looking at all your stuff! A duck tape dress form; what a clever idea! And it would be soo nice to have a freestanding studio all your own, wouldn't it? Hope it happens.

judy wise

yummy yum yum, how I love sauntering through your studio, adoring every item. mmmmmm. Nice.

Angie Platten

Love all the pictures Katie... it really looks like you! LOVE the writing on the wall! I've always wanted to do that!

carol sloan

I loved seeing your space Katie! Love peeking in to where other artists create. A free standing space!? Wow!


i really love these little glimpses into your world... the only thing better would to be there with you.



Enjoyed the photos. The trees in the leaves is a wonderful look at things. Studio looks just like a studio should, like it's used!


oh I love the little glimpses into your studio that we are given from time to time. i have just moved into our beautiful new house and have set up temporary working space in my studio. we are waiting to fully line and paint the walls until we set it up permanently. sigh.... for now it's "camping" on the floor and any other surface I can find!!!
little peeks into other studios feed my imagination about how mine may look sometime soon, so thank you Katie!


Thank you for sharing a part of your private world. What a creative place. I can feel the creative vibe way over here in Seattle. L O V E!

alexandra castro ferreira

Thanks for sharing...i've seen it in the past and it looks so cosy and warm with so many materials! wow! my husband should see that.....love your work and realy nice to see where you create.xo


super cool studio space, I think I'd go in and never come out if I had a room like that! M


fun peek into where the magic happens!
I happened to see that you have janome sewing machine. i really want a new sewing machine for my bday/xmas present. do you recommend the one you have? I want one that will do regular clothing sewing/quilts, etc. but also be able to handle mixed media applications like paper. Thanks for any tips.


hello, i read your blog in my reader and never comment but today i have to, your studio is so real i mean when i see others it can not be, i know our hands and other places are full of paint and i noticed yours is what i meant.
beautiful studio of a beautiful soul and artist.
happy thanksgiving!

lynda howells

oh you licky thing to have a studio this big! but l also love your workx lynda

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