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Your river is huge. I do hope it stays away from your lovely house. Aww, a rainbow! We're just now getting some light rain after a very long dry spell. Smells so good. And I simply love your first two photos! How pretty those reflections are.

Ann Somerset Miles (wild somerset child)

I just love those photos - wonderful colours - and hope the river keeps its natural course. (I just sent you a 'business' email which felt very formal, so wanted to drop by and say hello. I so admire your work.

liz elayne

such beautiful glimpses into your world. may that river finds it way back to center instead of cresting.


mary ann

katie i love that glimpse of your home sweet home through the field and grass path. your walks outside over the river and through the woods seem so DEAR and lovely. have you ever run into little red riding hood on one of your jaunts? i bet you have but you're keeping it a secret. i would.

Cinda Rae Oliverio

Home Sweet Home! I love that path to your house!!! and that pic of the trees in the leaves reminds me of Monet and also Gustav Klimt!!!

Susan Tuttle

so, so beautiful -- and Oooo look at that gorgeous rainbow you stumbled upon!:))

Hope you are well dear, dear soul.

Sending hugs and kisses.



Your photos are lovely and very tranquil. Thanks for sharing.


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