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katie, i love these pieces with the fabric! sounds like a really great class to take! lucky students!


Hi Katie - I had just been looking at your class description and was oooohing and ahhhhing over your samples! You are always so inspiring!
: ) lulu


Ooo, you got way ahead of me. I missed your last couple posts. Love your new journal. I like to watch works in progress and I feel like I am sitting next to you while you work.

Your class looks yummy. I'd love to come. Should I commute?

pam aries

Man//if only! I know that will be a wonder filled Art Journey. I am drooling.!!


oh, yes, that does sound like something I would enjoy! wish I could go. You know how much I love that tree piece that you have up as a sample. I have had such a strong pull to work in fabric, but must resist the urge! I have too many other things I need to work on right now. Although I finally started taking some sewing classes so I am now more comfortable with the sewing machine. Baby steps. :)
HOpe you are well Katie!

Teresa aka Tess

It definitely sounds like something I would enjoy. Now if only I could find a sponsor. :)
These samples are wonderful. I could spend hours looking at them and walk away to come back and find another new thing to eye.

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