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Jennifer White

I really really like this direction, Katie. Along a similar line, I've been thinking about all the people that are now in my life...past and present....why people are only in our lives for brief times versus many many years (still trying to understand the latter)...it's confusing to me, but not in a bad way..just wanting to fully understand. Anxious to see where your journey takes you....xoxox

Joan Tucker

I follow your work and appreciate a certain courage you have in regard to your journey. I am 67 and perhaps am more at peace than ever.
It is still and continues to be a process of reflection, action, processing etc. Your faces tell a million stories just through the eyes and expression. Thank you for sharing your art and also for blogging. www.awildpatience.blogspot.com

Joan T

Shari Beaubien

I like this piece, Katie... and what you wrote. I hope you have been well. xoxo

judy wise

yes and thank you. I love this piece; we are all on that train, enjoying the scenery or not. there is no way to stop the train or slow it down. Sometimes I feel claustraphobic about time; it is one of the great mysteries.

Lorraine lewis

I love this piece and your beautiful post.
I just turned 50. I have had a hard time even saying that. Your great attitude is inspiring!


I too have had tea
with the mysteries of time
She is an exacting Mistress
at once sensual and austere
we walk the tightrope
of love and mystery...

xox - eb.

Katie Kendrick

hi elizabeth,

so good to hear from you here! love and mystery...yes. truly. xoxx katie

Teresa aka Tess

I turn 50 next April and I am already feeling some of the reflecting you speak of here. I wonder, is time slipping away or just bringing me closer to yet another new me. Love the artwork.

pam aries

I a m past 50 and I love life more than ever. I a m painting more than ever.. Age is good,,haha


my darling..
i love your truth and the courage you sing out in truly embracing it. we live in a world that so quickly pulls the blinds to so many complex mysteries. how depth, intensity and passion are watered down by such avoidance.
i am always grateful when i walk beside you, eyes open..hearts a fire.


Christine Louise Hohlbaum

Dear Katie,

Your art inspires me. I love how you write about time passing. It is indeed all we have, yet we often work against time as if it were our enemy, instead of our closest ally. I just released my new book, The Power of Slow, which might interest you as it looks at ways to establish a more positive relationship with time so we have more of it. Looking forward to learning more about you!

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