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I really enjoyed taking this walk with you. The photographs and words are so beautiful and inspirational. Thank you for letting me tag along.


Oh Katie!! Thank you for taking my son and I along on the walk "with you". I was so enthralled with your pictures that I had to call him over to see. We both LOVED them. Thank you for the experience.

Jennifer White

Not only perfectly descriptive words, but pictures to support your vision....I'm amazed at how perfect the rocks look suspended in ice! I guess I've never really looked at them in that light. You've motivated me to take a walk down to Lake Michigan tomorrow morning...I will see what I can see...and take you with me...xo


mmm! You're making me want to get outside! Think I will. And today, because of you, I will be taking my camera. xo


i love walks along your river with you, i could never tire of such beauty, the colors and textures... they are so beautiful on my screen, i know they are a million times more so in real life.

thank you for taking us with you. xoxoxoxo


Love your river walk. So contemplative. Thank you for taking us along. Hope your holidays are bright.


Beautiful and inspiring images - such an interesting travel. Thank you.
Season's Greetings


So incredibly beautiful! Thank you for sharing this magical place with us, Katie. I hope the new year will bestwo many blessings upon you.

xoxo lulu


a magical walk, thank you


Oh Katie, that was just so peaceful. Stunning. Magical.

Thank you!

Crafty Green poet

what a wonderful series of images, so very beautiful. i like your choice of 'flow' as the word for the next year too...

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