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Sharon @ norah'S

As always she tells a story or suggest one. I'm wondering what she could possably have in her pocket. I hope you get to run with the flow creating. We love it when you do.

Jennifer White

We're always here and ready to catch up whenever you are...always lovely to see you post, I'm no different when it comes to that! Enjoy the passion that you're experiencing. Cannot wait to see what comes from all of your inspiration dear friend...xoxo


Yay, more Katie! Enjoy the flow you're in!
: ) lulu


Enjoy this creative spurt--and take time to fill your well. You give so much to others, it's easy to forget that you and your art need to be nourished as well. Happy Holidays!


Is she trying to decide if we are worthy of the key she has in her pocket? Have we lived up to the expectations set before us? That would be a lot for her to ponder before she could hand over the key or fly away leaving us bereft of the key that would help us so much.

Have fun in your creative zone! And just go with the flow of the house thing. It happens as it happens. Are house makeovers ever done?


it's so wonderful when it just pours out and so awful when it feels forced... i know this all too well, last week i felt hopeless in the studio, but today i spent one hour in there and felt like i could paint the world... let's hope it stays, at least for a few days. :)
i only wish you were in here in my studio on days like today, we could dance wildly in between painting & conversation, and laugh at our worries and get drunk on life! i can't wait until you are here again!
love this piece... i wonder what she has in her pocket, too... i hope you are in the studio today creating more beauty. xoxoox

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