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i know...i know...
there was a lovely tribute with older interviews on NPR. worth listening to if you missed it.

(as i miss you, my darling,
miss you...)


such sad news... she was so young! i really don't understand when things like this happen.
she will be greatly missed and was such a gift to the world. i am so glad you introduced me to her.


Oh no! I hadn't heard. I learned of her from your blog and love her music deeply. So so sad.

Sharon @ norah'S

Oh no and this song is so soulful and mournful and I can't stop listening to it.


That is very sad. I was sad when I heard Ted Andrews had died.


I am completely godsmacked with this news. La Llorona has been in stable in my house since the late 90s and her most recent work a favorite as well. We are all so fortuante that she shared her amazing gift of her voice and soul. She will be missed greatly.

Carla Sonheim

What a pleasure to listen to her beautiful music. It is such a sad loss!

Karin Bartimole

This is my first visit to your blog. I was unfamiliar with Lhasa, but find myself very drawn to her mournful tone and poetic words, as well as the beautiful animation/video. I took pause, and a deep breath, as I read your words, for I began chemo for breast cancer on Monday. I'm sorry to have to become a belated fan, but I will definitely be downloading and listening to more of her music soon.
I am glad to have found you and your blog - love your journal pages and look forward to visiting often. thank you, Karin

alex s

I don't know if you've seen this before, but it seems a perfect way to honor Lhasa... it is a video with her and my medicine man.



pam aries

I m not familiar..but will check out her music.

pam aries

Just read about her life.. very very interesting woman! ..listened to her songs..very haunting , beautiful and melancholic.

Cinda Rae Oliverio

Hey Katie! I got the first Lhasa CD and am dancing to her music on my Blog today! I HOPE I don't die of breast cancer like Lhasa!!I LOVE this CD! Thank YOU!!! One of my FAV songtress's was Nicolette Larson!! She died too soon too! Keep them in our prayers!!

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