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Bonnie Pilon

wow Katie...this is really pretty...really soulful.


Lovely, Katie, just lovely.


Oh..... how touching.

Sharon @ norah'S

So beautiful....how do you do it? Been missing you.

judy Wise

Incredible. Your heart is indeed a safe place to bloom. Thank you for your beautiful image and beautiful words.

kelly snelling

it's so beautiful, katie. xoxo!


Thank you


Just so beautiful, wonderful insightful work... xo...

pam aries

Deep..very deep..I felt myself going there. Wow.


oh, katie. your incredible work reminds me SO much of marc chagall - the highest compliment i could pay you, and him. you are an amazing creature, my friend. xo


Yes...I can't imagine a more safe place for a bloom to root itself than in your pure, kind, gentle, strong heart.
thank you for sharing this with us. It's so beautiful. I miss you friend! It will be a lovely day when i can see your smiling eyes. :)


How holy. Thankyou dearheart for sharing you.


Healing words and image: This is soul work, pure and simple. What we're here for. Please consider offering prints. Blessings!


from Adrienne Rich
"if you can read and understand this poem
send something back: a burning strand of hair
a still warm,still liquid drop of blood
a shell thickened from being battered year on year, send something back"

This my something back
Thanks for your post, Joan T


Katie, Just when I think you have captured my own feelings so very well and couldn't possibly connect my dots any wiser..along comes today's poem. Well done, fair teacher, indeed you have mastered "the art of staying soft" and we all are blessed to be absorbing the lovely bits of your soul's poetry that you so graciously share. Cynthia

Randi Nervig

This was so great! Thank you for sharing it.

Deborah Carr

Hi Katie - this is so expressive and heartfelt. I was drawn in by your journal pages in a previous post...my blog is entitled 'What if'...it seems to be a common theme in my life these days.

lorraine lewis

beautiful- you have such talent.

Sweetest in the Gale

Your poetry is as vivid and beautiful as your paintings...both always take my breath away.

julie king

beautiful, lyrical, touching!


So wonderful to find a safe place to bloom !

Gitte Jul

Oh..I did something wrong. My name is Gitte :)


sweet katie...this is just beautiful...can't wait to see you in vegas...mmmmm!

Linda McLaughlin

Thank you for creating such a beautiful safe place to mediate and bloom! Your work is exquisite...

juila Dean

This is so lovely, the colours and depth of feeling portrayed... looove it!...


I feel deeply moved by your words and love the accompanying image - such a rich post.


What a lovely, lovely provocative poem. Miss you...hope all is well. xoxo

Susan Tuttle

hello my friend:) -- you have been on my mind -- how are you? This piece is pure beauty and your accompanying poem deeply moving.

inspiration -- so much inspiration here.



Dear Katie, so soft and gentle - you are such an inspiration.
: ) lulu

Joann Loftus

Wonderful painting!!


I love you Katie girl!

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