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Congratulations! They are just the best aren't they? Looking forward to your class in Vegas.


Congratulations! He looks beautiful!

gina armfield

cuteness of it and I love the pillow! Btw she your daughter looks just like you ;)


Oh, a valentine baby! Congratulations Katie, and to your daughter and her family, too!
xoxo lulu


oh heart of hearts!!!
i celebrate your J O Y!

(did you notice how much your daughter looks like you in the very first photo??)

welcome to the world sweet jackson!


Congratulations to you and Marissa. He looks beautiful.


he's just beautiful. soooo, so beautiful.
how very sweet to be born near valentines day.

sue pieper

Congratulations! Baby Jackson is just beautiful, hope you get to hold & cuddle him soon!

Leighanna Light

Yay!!!!!!! Congrats Katie, what a nice little surprise!


Congratulations! Blessings to sweet baby Jackson and his mama, Marissa. They both look so beautiful. xoxoxoxo


He's adorable. Welcome to the world, Jackson. Hope you like it here.

Lorraine lewis

He is a beautiful blessing, I love his name.

I love meema- mine call me mimi!


Congratulations, Katie! What a sweet boyo and such a beautiful new momma..she looks just like her mama :) What a blessing for your family.

a lucky student

Maija Lepore

Congratulations and welcome to your new baby grandson!! He is darling, and I hope Marisa is over the top with joy!!!

jeanne levy

What a wonderful visit. Your banner on this blog is so, WOW! What other word is there? Maybe "trip"? That's a good one! Love the journal pages. I have a great grandson now. So nice to cuddle.

Stop snoring

What a cute little angel. Babies are such a blessing in life. Welcome to the world baby.


Oh my gosh, look at that sweet face! He is beautiful!

Congratulations and blessings!

pam aries

Oooo...he looks like a little spirit doll ! how sublime!

alexandra castro ferreira

qu il est beau.....beautiful little one best for you Katie

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