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Huge huge congrats, Meema!! Such sweet pictures!!! :)

Love your Vegas pix-looks like you had some serious fun!!!!!

karin bartimole

What a gorgeous family you are blessed with! Your photos are delightful. I can completely relate to your blogging lag. I have come to a place where posting frequency has dragged and I've let myself go into a guilt place, but I realize it's the flow of the tide. Both my creativity and blogging energies are needed elsewhere for now. Perhaps they'll return in a new way! Enjoy your days, those dramatic clouds and mostly the love shared...

liz elayne

oh i love seeing these photos. beautiful you with the gorgeous jackson! love that first photo so much katie...he will cherish it one day.

so glad you are there soaking up all the goodness.

much love...


mmm, that first photo says it all dear katie. i dont think i have ever seen a photo of you looking so content and at peace with your world. you look completely blissed out!
i miss your blog updates but it's clear to me that you are otherwise engaged and happy. i miss you but know where to find you should i feel the need!
much love your way

gina armfield

what a gorgeous picture of you and that baby! YOu are glowing from the inside out - what a treasure

Judy Wilkenfeld

Wonderful photos of you and the baby. It must be an amazing feeling.
I soooo know that feeling - "A case of being in the moments vs. documenting the moments". So true.
Enjoy your precious time.


i love those photos of you with jackson, he is so sweet and you, so happy... beautiful!
so happy you shared this with us.
can't wait to hear about your time in vegas and everything in between!

Lorraine lewis

such sweet images- your family is beautiful.

going to Portland in the fall to paint with you- I am so excited :)

Deryn Mentock

Congratulations to you, Katie! What a sweet little family. Wish I'd seen you in Vegas...


Dear katie, congratulations on that gorgeous grand-son, and what a beauty your daughter is. Thank you for your patience during our day together in Vegas at the icon. I wish I could have taken your other class the last day. I sneaked in to have a look at everyone's work and I so want to learn this too. It sounds like we'll meet again in Portland, and I'm really happy about that. I did enjoy our wonderful connection.

Sharon @ norah'S

You are absolutely glowing with baby Jackson. He is beautiful and I think I can smell that sweet baby smell that you are sniffing while smooching him. So sweet.



You look positively beautiful and radiant holding your grandchild! I love this picture of you.



such a beautiful picture of the proud meema and her beautiful grandson and the beautiful parents...you are as proud as a peacock!!! love you my friend~xox

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