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judy Wise

YES and halleluia!! Counting the days now ...


i love love love
when people give themselves the true gift of following their hearts!

i am so blissfully happy that you are following yours!



happy to hear you are listening to the voice inside.
blessings, dear one.


So glad your'e listening to your inner self and following what you need to do for you. I know it will be an awesome opportunity for you. xo, Fran


The gift of time - how WONDERFUL!!! I know you will do amazing things with it.
xoxo lulu

Jennifer White

1. I am very excited about your year off of teaching! BUT (and a big but) I cannot imagine not seeing you for an entire year.

2. Cannot wait for the big tall book class in May!

3. You will have a fabulous weekend with three amazing friends, I'm a wee bit envious.

4. I decided that you're not a grandma... you're a GLAMra since you're so damn cute and glamorous!


Susan Tuttle

Katie gentle soul dear heart:)It has been too long since I settled into your blog, resplendent with creativity and authentic stories from the heart. Since I can't invite you to tea, it is the next best thing. I am so happy for you regarding your decision to take a year off from teaching. I look forward to seeing the beauty that your year will hold. Sending you a big hug and a thank you for sharing your special spirit and your art.


Hello, Katie. Long time ;) Every time I visit, Violette has grown some more (I think her baby picture is stuck in my mind).

I'm struck by how much Lilyann resembles you!!

So many lovely reasons to give yourself a year.


pam aries

You deserve the time off from teaching...besides, you wll come up with new and wondrous art in the meantime! Have fun creating with your friends.


I missed bumping into your at Artfest this year...hopefully I'll see you in Portland.

Lovely photos of the grandkids...especially the newest one.

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