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Congratulations on your new little one. He's gorgeous. I love these paintings.

Jennifer White

such blue eyes in the 2nd piece... they're piercing through me and I'm staring back at them... xo...getting closer to seeing you next month and i can hardly wait.

Sharon @ norah'S

They are wonderful and hooray for a day in the studio. It is hard to get back.....until you just pick up the brush and your magic happens.

judy Wise

Powerful and beautiful, katie. Glad you are painting; that always means we are connected inside. xo


dear one,
no words.
just the delicious longing to spend a week with you.
i am sure you could unlock my heart.


admiring you, admiring your work, always...and now from afar. be good to yourself, miss katie....x


you have touched my heart and lifted my soul. thank you. i am dreaming..
and the dream leads me to you and infinite possibilities.
come peek at christine's shrine.
i know it will move you, as you move me.



Internal and external awareness. Love these. The world seems more steady over here, when you are painting over there. Thank you for sharing them. Chris

Art Trip

Thanks for posting. Enjoying your posts.

kelly snelling



Glad to see you in the studio again
and congradulations on the little one


Yes please, we want to see more mooore! These are really cool. Keep going! :-)

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