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Sharon @ norah'S

I'm about to go to bed. I know I will be dreaming her tonight. And I can't wait!




Your recent series is so heavenly with the titles and worlds within worlds. I hope there is more! xo

Julie Broom

What a fantastic title and the piece lives up to the name. Wonderful harmonious colours and textures in this piece, beautifully done.


This is one of my favorite pieces of yours. So much to see, so many layers of meaning. Thanks for sharing your beautiful art.

judy Wise

Is that plaster? I think we're channeling each other!! She is glorious, simply glorious. And the title. Sends me right into a daydream. xo


your paint with words...
you write in pictures..

and always, you stir my soul.


Stephanie Lee

So so SO very beautiful!! I just love the looooooong orange legs.

Jill Berry

I love her monumental build, the village on her head, the waiters. I just love this whole painting and I want it. xooxoxox


I just love this work - the expressions, colors, textures, details... titles!! the All. xo K

Cinda Rae Oliverio

I'm dreaming of something coming to your Etsy shop!!! Beauty Full!!!(((((Katie)))))

Caity O'Connor

Wow, I absolutely adore this painting. She is amazing - YOU are amazing!

Jennifer Maroney

Beautiful! I love the texture! And the title is dreamy in itself!


i am also dreaming of something coming to your etsy shop


your work is 'swooping' and

almost bombastic in beauty

lorraine lewis

oh i love her :)


Thank you all for your lovely comments on this piece.

I intend to put some art into my Etsy shop in the next week, for those of you that have asked. it's long overdue.

Maija Lepore

I love all your work Katie, but this piece really speaks to me! Come be my friend on my blog and enter a giveaway!

Building a home

Wonderful work of art! Your painting is so beautiful. The blending of colors is great. You did a good job. Keep it up!

Sharmon Davidson

Wonderful- I love it!

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