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jeanne levy

This is truly lovely and loaded with meanings of the poetry that is life!

Kate Robertson

This is truly an amazing piece, so much depth and meaning.


This is so wonderful, she speaks to me,, keep making art, this is your true style.


she is.


Gitte J

She is a beautiful poem. I love your art.


Best title ever. EVER. And a poetic piece to match. Wonderful, wonderful.


I am so captivated with this painting...exquisite beyond belief,

the eyes are profoundly awake,

they seem to be saying

'i know' and 'yes you can:)'

such beauty in your palette as well



come see all our poems for the children...
(i am dreaming of us.)


and she succeeded, beautifully! xo

Teresa aka Tess

I love her thrid eye. A poem she is indeed, of beauty and grace and so much more. I am loving your new paintings.

Joan  Tucker

Katie, is she wanted to be a poem when she grew up for sale. Today is my 68th birthday and she so speaks to me. Joan Tucker


your title grabbed my heart and your painting is lovely. xx

Sharmon Davidson

Hi, I came here because of the award from Karin. Your blog is beautiful, and I love your work. This painting is just truly amazing!

Sharmon Davidson

p.s. I want to be a poem when I grow up, too.

francesca dileo

i could find about a million little things that i love about this piece. wow.

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