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You make the yummiest stuff!!! The hair is a nice touch. Once had a friend who made paper and put strands of her son's beautiful copper colored hair in every page.


beautiful, katie!

Jeanne Levy

Everything you do is just luscious!



Judy Merrill-Smith

I'm ooohing and ahhing here.

Jennifer White

Only three weeks away....I am beyond excited and downright giddy...cannot wait to see you and to create this masterpiece! xo

Deborah Carr

This is gorgeous...

Teresa aka Tess

I want to touch it. The texture....wow! IS it heavy?

Education jobs

Awesome book! I love the color and every single detail. I can't wait to see the outcome of this book.


wish i could join you. have a lovely lovely time.....this book is incredible. xo

Susan Tuttle

what a marvelous workshop given by a very special soul -- wish i could attend. Sending warmth and hugs.


miss Robyn

hello Katie.. finally found your blog again, have been reading back a little and your art still makes my soul sigh...how I wish I lived in America and that I could come do a workshop. you are a beautiful soul xo

joy logan

wow very niceeeeeeeee!

deb taylor

~Earthbound~ strong and beautiful

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