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Sharon @ norah'S

Thanks for that little check in. Loved all of it and especially the last one. Hope you are enjoying spring.


so much lovliness here!


i feel like i am right there with you, walking, seeing, belonging, feeling peaceful, and so content.
thank you for sharing these. xoxoxo


Wonderful paintings. I see a green ish theme here.

Mary Beth Shaw

Magical and mysterious. Love it.

Jennifer White

Oh oh oh oh ohhhhhhhh.... love..... and cannot wait to see you next month...xo


i love this....full of magic and beauty!


i love holding you hand...
and walking into each new moment.


Coming to your blog is always a breath of fresh beauty. : D

jeanne levy

Love these paintings and the "cracked" lady and the green of our spring. The brown leafy waste of winter is being inundated by green growth. So refreshing!


the pic with the bench really grabbed my attention. It looks like there is a face on top of the tufted "cupcake". Sometimes I am amazed by the faces I see in nature photos. Thanks for sharing katie.


i hope you are happy in all things, sweet katie....x


and a beautiful, magical visual check in it is...

Teresa aka Tess

I want to sit on that bench and just breath/breathe.

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