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i absolutely love your faces they show so much emotions. thanks for sharing. i wish i could live in the states and have more of your workshops. xo


katie! it was such a great day yesterday. it was a joy having you guide us through painting faces for the day. tiffany already called me and she wants to paint next week together b/c she was so inspired. you inspired everyone with your gentle guidance and the intuitive, spiritual sense about you. i feel like i learned so much about contrasts, shadows, colors as well as layering and new techniques. Yay! thanks again and hope i get to do another workshop with you at some point.

Gloria Martin

Katie, Wondrous!! There is so much emotive energy teasing out my senses when I gaze at these paintings.......WOW, mesmerizing indeed.
Hope you are feeling fabulous!!!!!

judy Wise

I love all your faces Katie but the 2nd face is haunting me. Such a tender expression and the modeling is superb. Paint like an angel, you do.

Those lucky students, to be able to paint by your side and share in your knowledge.


Katie, Thanks for sharing your style and techniques and giving me the inspiration to create new paintings. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from you yesterday. I've been playing with the advice you gave me and it's been a great day filled with experimentation. I look forward to painting with Amy next week to see what we create. Thanks again!

Cindy O'Leary

oh. wow. these are fabulous... I'm so excited to be seeing you soon, but dang it, I want to be IN the class! Have fun teaching, and say hello to Christine for me. xo


so beautiful Katie. I just adore your art! xoxo


hello my darling.
you have no idea how you stir my heart.
when you are home and settled in please write to me.
i have this urgency to
place us in the same breath.
things are happening.
i need you.


lorraine lewis

so wonderful, each one.

Robyn Thayer

oooh-weee-ohh. it was lovely to be with you. I am loving my faces and all these new tips. especially considering the "stages of a painting much like that of a child's". all the moods. You are fabulous. Thanks for sprinkling your joy in my world!

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