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judy Wise

how wonderful to hear from you here, to see your garden which reflects so much love and care and to see the faces of your dear ones.

if only we had that magic beamer upper ... i miss you so. xo

Jennifer White

He's now a little man!!!! What fantastic pictures, Katie...so great to see what's been going on in your life this summer... as far as that standup workstation? It exists.. google it, a company I used to work for carried the sit-to-stand stool.. it's fantastic and feels so much better than standing! Okay, enough of my ergonomic talk... xox


What a truly gorgeous little man and wow look at your garden, so productive.


feels like a visit to your garden and family..love all the photos...and the beautiful smiles..enjoy your summer!

lorraine lewis

such sweet glimpses in your life- thank you for sharing bits of your life with us.


Jackson is just the cutest thing. I love that photo of you holding him - pure joy on your face. I long for a grandson - 6 granddaughters are a blessing, but a boy - it's been 25 years since I held a wee boy in my arms. PS My maiden name is Jackson and my first born is Brian Jackson Riley.


my darling....
your feet are leading you down paths of the heart. there is pure joy in this. when i look at you...holding the beautiful jackson,
have i ever seen you more radiant?

heaven. i find you there.



you truly do radiate with beauty (even more so than usual... how that's possible?) when holding that sweet little baby Jackson or any of your grand children.
love all the glimpses into your surroundings.
miss you bunches! love. xoxooxo

Vicki Van Slyke

Hi Katie--the garden is amazing so soon...you've done a wonderful job.
Thanks again to you and Walter for having us there with you...we had a very nice time. Your little guy is so cute. What a little smiley guy.
I'm glad you got to go to see them again so soon. These times don't come back. :)

Aviewbeyondwords.blogspot.com A Facebook User Karinbartimole Karinsuebart

OMG, that Jackson is a doll!! what a great photo of the little man :) All your photos are beautiful, and your garden looks vibrant and yummy. Great summer time sharing Katie! wishing you well, K


reading your blog, katie, is like coming for a little visit, a cup of tea, wandering through the gardens...so good to see you on this lovely afternoon.

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