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Katie, these are lovely pages!


looking at these pages calmed me for the first time today. absolutely beautiful.

judy Wise

I love this post - these paintings. It's so good to meet you here.


These paintings are so beautiful. They definitely have a certain energy...can't put my finger on it but it's deep and lovely and you. :)

I love that you are loving your home a little project at a time. I love that idea and have been doing a bit of it myself since you told me about it. Feels so good.


Jennifer White

You're in a very good place right now...evident by your words as well as your journal....love that you're sharing this, my friend...xo


you open me.

lorraine lewis

"luxuriating in the unrushed moments" wonderful words to live by in this busy busy world.
I love your primitive faces.


Love your painting and your words, they are both touching. The classes I took from you at Bellvue have stirred my imaginings and continue to do so. Thanks so much for sharing yourself.


Great pages. Warmly, Karen

Mandy van Goeije

Hi Katie, I've been visiting your blog for a long time now and I love your journal pages...and the way you express yourself.
There's just this thing I've been wondering...if you work mixed media in your journal...I assume you work with acrylics a lot. How do you prevent the pages from sticking together? Mine always do...


the quiet, powerful flow of days...awesome!

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