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Jennifer White

a fabulous montage of pictures katie!!! i think the dill pickles may be my favorite, though.. we canned every year when i was growing up.. and it always turned out the be the hottest day of the summer when we did... hundreds of jars of pickles, dilly beans (my all time favorite) and of course cutting up and freezing peppers for stuffed green peppers all winter long. I only wish I would've liked them as a kid...now, I love them! xo

kelly snelling

so wonderful! it makes my heart full to see you celebrating with your people and all this joy. so happy for you!

cindy o'leary

Oh Katie, thanks so much for sharing these photos--what a blessed life you live! I feel the same way about my grandbabies, as you know. They are beyond precious. Aren't we so lucky to have such little creatures to love, and to love us back?! xoxo


Your grandbabies are so beautiful! So wonderful that you are having this special time with your family. I am jealous of your delicious harvest and canning expeditions. xoxoxoxoxo


Photos of such great bounty, both from the garden and in your family! hugs xox

Deborah Carr

Looks like you've had an amazing summer (and a busy one). I, too, have been jamming, pickling, freezing, baking. I loved this time of year...the feelings of productivity.

Dawn E. Nguyen

Hi Katie!
What a wonderful post about the bounties of life. Thank you so much for sharing it with us all. :)




What a wonderfu write up in SS. I so enjoy your artwork.

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