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Angie Platten

sounds interesting! What I'd really love to have is some of your apple butter! Never had better. Ever! You should sell it in your etsy store!


Came across your blog via voodoocafe... I have a link that may help you. I got a link to a root cellar that is super easy - what a coincidence! http://www.maryjanesfarm.org/recipe-project/project-20100913.asp

megan noel

Hi Katie! I did not know about this blog, I am glad to find you again! I have 2 of your paintings and i love them. i look forward to seeing what you are working on now!
megan noel

amanda jolley

Mmmm, I love fermented veggies. Have you tried the fermented salsa recipe in Nourishing Traditions? Wow. The flavor is incredible.
This time of year I am plopping green tomatoes in a jar for fermenting. My absolute fave.
Your jars look so beautifully colorful. Although the beets aren't my favorite, they are my favorite to prepare. There are few vegetables so incredible deep and rich in pattern and color than a sliced beet.

Jennifer White

Oh you're such a tease with your creative secrets...veggies look wonderful! I'm still dreaming of that quinoa veggie magic you made for me the night I stayed over...I wish I could just snap and it'd be on my table for dinner... xo


all of YOU!


Enjoyed looking at your art! Warmly, Karen


Thank you for this info. I will have to check out this process as canning season will be upon us in the OC soon. xoxoxoxo


Hey Katie wow you like kinchee.....just been in seoul very special ! your vegetables look great the colors and they must be awesome. will try to find the book for my mom who loves to cook too. can't wait for your new paintings xo

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