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Love your paintings of faces. The one really looks like you (left hand side). Is your Art & Soul class on "A Story in Every Face" made for complete beginners unsure of any talent? I saw there were three places left.


Thanks Jeanne! You would fit in the class beautifully - i see "beginners" (and i know you have done some painting and DO have talent) do some of the most amazing work! think about it...


you have a way of lifting mountains from my shoulders...of placing wings on my eternal heart.

you do not need words to speak to me...



sighhhh. such a beautiful piece of art/life. i love this painting so much... so happy to see your painting & sharing here.
come to italy with me? ;)
i'll really miss not being in portland with you!

Christine Merritt

Thank you for sharing the beautiful poem. I've been sitting here wondering how my girls have gotten so big (darn time) how they seem to have this frantic need to hurry up and be grown. I have to remember that it is all a big circle.
I look forward to seeing you at A&S only a few weeks away now.


It's a beautiful and powerful painting. your work is always so powerful love it. thanks for sharing. you are an inspiration and light in our lives. xo to you from portugal

Susan Tuttle

Hello My Sweet Friend:)
Oh how I have missed your lovely inspiration through your words and lush, gorgeous artwork -- such a delight to visit your blog today. You have been on my mind -- I hope you are having a glorious Fall.


judy Wise

beautiful faces, beautifully painted and beautiful words. I love this post can you tell? I am counting the days until Art & Soul. I need some katie time. xo


Your work always speaks so much and are perfectly accented with Joni's lyrics. xoxoxoxo


Love it--


mine is 15
my baby
melancholy me
missing the smaller circles
yes - I too love Joni...

xox - eb.

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