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Jennifer White

We're all still here, Katie...and always will be, no matter how much time in between posts there is, I'm always excited to see you show up in my Bloglines...xoxox

kelly snelling

I'm so happy for you, Katie! Congratulations on your upcoming book. I can't wait to see it!


well, you have at least one reader, still. exciting news re: a book, katie, and i look forward to seeing it! wonderful!

there's something in the air, i think...many of us seem to be taking an unintentional break from blogging...me ostensibly due to a watercolor class which keeps me painting from beginning to end of my days...ostensibly.

Kathy Kenney

Looking forward to your book, and your own take on making art. Love your posts, the pauses just make it more interesting.

Judy Wise

we come, we continue to come when you appear. Oh, I love the sheep in her fields of imagination - you tell the best stories. And don't you think most artists are introverts beneath our friendly masks? how else would we ever make the art, dream the dreams, drift and build those castles in the air?


I'm like you - since using FB I rarely blog any longer - was on hold with Apple store and clicked over to read blogs while I was waiting - Mazel Tov on your upcoming book - I know it will be a huge success - and I'll be first online to buy it xo xo Reva


congrats on your book! I didn't know that!! I always think of you even if yo're not posting-I have one of your little paintings i bought at Megan Noel's holiday sale back in Seattle several years ago. That seems like an eternity ago!
hope you had a lovely thanksgiving.
congrats again!


honestly...in the shower this morning i was thinking, when katie's book arrives i am going to go page by page...live it, breathe it,do it, blog it.

can't wait to have you leading me along into holy-new-ground!

love to you in all moments,even the most quiet.

karen cole

Yes, Katie, I know what you mean. I am the queen of sporadic these days.

A book?! How wonderful. Congrats!!!!


I am here,,,so lovely to see your work as always,,,,,,I crave it! I've missed seeing your lovely art.


Both you and Misty are publishing books? My world just became fuller and almost perfect. I am so happy! When I read what you write about solitude and being an introvert it feels like I have a permission to be the way that I am, that it is ok to feel different than other people. I think your art speaks that way too.

Sweetest in the Gale

I check in regularly...this fellow introvert is a huge fan of your work and blog. I am so excited that you're writing a book - I can't wait to buy it. You always inspire me - thank you for that! Have a wonderful day.


A book is a great thing. Can't wait to be able to open a book and pick your brain. Thanks for the pages. The girl's imagination is an inspiration and I love the statue. Best wishes! And a hug.

Cinda Rae Oliverio

hehe I like that field of imagination! Many a day the cows upon our hill grazed there with me back in the day!! I thought maybe some day I would just follow and live with the cows! Isn't that absurd!!?I was a teen-20 year old back then but at this time sometimes I think to myself I could be a hermit really easy! I've always been a loner but when I do get around peeps I LOVE it! I want your book!! Still enJOYing my art pieces and the lovely little doll! They always bring SMILES! Thank YOU once again!

Cinda Rae Oliverio

O! I came back to ask YOU if those eyes were Bette Davis eyes?!! hehe


It's the cooler weather and earth going to sleep that pulls me within more than anything. Even bushes that explode with clusters of bright red berries seems to be only shouting, with hoarse and whispery breath, one last beautiful "goodnight" before even they drift off.
We'll wander our own echoy corridors together as we pace around in within-without-within-without.....
I miss your face and laugh and can't wait to visit with you in spring!!!

Orly Avineri

Introvertland belongs to us all, and it is so nice that you came out to play, cause now we know of a few wonders that fill up your senses in recent days. I love these pages, I love all your pages. Enjoy creating your book, I cannot wait to see it...So lovely to have met you in Journalfest Katie...XOXOrly

lorraine lewis

I do love to come visit here... life gets so busy, sigh!

I can't wait for your book I know it will be amazing.

PS. I want to paint with you again dear Katie!

jodi ohl

Hi Katie--I'm so excited to hear of your book coming out. I think so many people relate to you because of your quiet nature but passionate, emotional work that speaks volumes. I'll be looking forward to the release of your publication, congratulations on this huge achievement!! Happy New Year!

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