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Judy Wise

Welcome back Katie, I really missed your blog posts. xo

lorraine lewis

well hello there cute katie- i was thinking about you
when i was painting a few days ago- i loved the things i learned from you & i can't wait for your book to be released.

mary ann

mmmmm savor & enjoy these last days of January. I wish you many contented purring days in a warm nook reading your heart out. the cardboard pages are rare and lovely. like you.

Stephanie Lee

So good to hear you are home safe and nurturing yourself!! I wish I could come sit on the edge of your resting place and hear stories of how it all went.
You amazed yourself...but probably not REALLY because I know you know that you are capable of riding the choppiest of waters. That's just what you do.
I've learned so much about that from you.


home. you. like a cloud in her rightful sky.
rest, dream, bloom.
i am so happy for your happiness.

you will LOVE pigs in heaven.

as i


francesca dileo

katie, just found your blog and have been spent the last hour lost in your artwork. wow. so inspired by your love of life and art and gardening.. so beautiful.

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