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Unsuspectingly, the Universe sent me and my peanut butter & jelly sandwich to this podcast. I didn't see it coming, but your words resonated so deeply that my whole wheat bread got a little soggy a few times. Thank you! You truly do embody creativity, and as a recent empty nester, your words were an incredibly wonderful pep talk as I try to finally own my creative self in this new stage of my life. I'm so sorry you lost your journal...I do hope that if it fell into someone's hands, they are treasuring it.

P.S. I MUST start meditating.


Just arrived from flight tired of course and was checking the news on your blog. LOVE the video can't wait to try it. I like the music but maybe the hair dryer is a bit too noisy! Love your way of teaching hope you ll do more and more. So cool


just to hear your voice,
filled me.
your spirit...the same vital essence i experience when i look at the work of your hands.
you are a teacher,
a treasured friend,
a voice of joy and compassion.

Dana Barbieri

I am new to you and your art and I just listened and it was really great. You impart such wisdom and if you and Rice ever do a the retreat I am there!

Nola Hart

Thank you for your words! You have reached the blocks and walls that I am stuck on right now and you have helped with moving me beyond them and getting me back to work.

I know that some day I will be in one of your wonderful classes. I am sorry that I did not find out about this weekend sooner. Have a great weekend in CA.

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