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K Hutchinson

Such a great video! I am going to have to try this! Thank you so much for taking the time to make it!


This is a great video, and very clear instructions. I love the transitions, very professional. You're a natural at this. Oh, and the technique is great!


What an unexpected, but very welcomed gift! It was a joy to watch your hands work. Looking forward to the online class.

Chris Meissner

Katie, You're a natural, it's a wonderful tutorial! Thank you!

Kelly Snelling

How lovely! I feel like I spent the morning getting to play along with you while I have my kitty on my lap and my cup of tea in my hand. I always enjoy seeing how other artists go about their process. It is inspiring, Katie! Thanks, sweetie!

Cheryl N.

Thanks for sharing this. I had a lot of questions answered.I kept focusing on the owl I saw in this piece. Now I want to do something with an abstract owl. What a great way to spend 15 minutes of my day!

Kathy Kenney

what fun! Like sitting in class with you, thanks for sharing.


Katie... this is one of my goals too! I just have to get to it... how a tute on that?? Love the background tute here! What is wadding wax used for besides mixed media.


What a wonderful surprise to get to spend time with you via video with this awesome tutorial! You always amazing me with your techniques and process. Thank you!


This is very good! You did a great job with the video! And . . . I have most of this stuff already! Except for the wadding whatever. What is it and where do you get it?


Awesome mixed media background technique video. Thank you so much for sharing!!


I'm glad to hear that some of you are enjoying the technique. I hope to put another one up in the next couple weeks.


Thanks for this video. Looking forward to your book!

gitte j.

Thank you Katie, what a great and inspiring tutorial ! Looking forward to the next one...and your book !!



lorraine lewis

Katie it is so wonderful to come here and find this!
You are adorable and I think you did VERY well for your first video.
I love what you shared.


answering my dreams!!!
just in the nick of time. i am waiting till morning when i can hang on your every word and sage advice.
i will be back in the morning with bells on!!

love you so much dear friend.

Jennifer White

Congratulations.... it's fantastic!!! xoxox

Laurie Hunt

I found your blog thru another one that I faithfully follow and needless to say you have now become one to follow too! Thank you for your video. I've not seen a technique even close to what you are demonstrating. I can't wait to give it a try. Your backgrounds are beautiful.

Ginny Gaskill

I really enjoyed the video and think you did a great job.


loved your tutorial. found your blog listed on judy wise's blog. lovely find. quick question... what type of inks were you using?


Loved the tutorial, the end result looks fabulous, thanks for sharing.

Tina Van Netten

I came across your blog and just love your work. Thanks so much for the video.

anna maria

Excellent and clear tutorial. Now I need to find out what wadding wax is called in Italy :-)
Thank you.

Joan Tucker

thanks for your generosity; having followed your blog, I enjoyed hearing your voice. Joan T

Cindy O'Leary

Oh, I had so much fun playing with this technique tonite! My table is a big mess, which is always a good sign. Thanks, Katie! xoxo


Hi, thanks for the video. Can't wait to try your techniques. Only one comment for your future video, maybe you don't need a background music for this before i kind of distracted by it. :D


Wow - that was great! It's just like being in class with you, Katie! I love the techniques, too - makes me want to pull out the inks and all - too bad I need to wake up in 3 hours to go to work...
: ) lulu

Cinda Rae Oliverio

Congrats! on your first video!! Thank YOU!!!


Thank you Katie for this lovely video:) I am spending this lovely Sunday afternoon experimenting with backgrounds for my art. I can't wait to try this technique and create something for my journal. Can't wait until you have online classes.


Merci, c'est magnifique.

beth fedigan

enjoyed seeing how you use never dull, never tried it that way...i love artists that share!!

Jan Hurst - letterlady

Great tutorial! Thank you!

Judy Shea

I really loved the simplicity of this and the result looked more difficult..thank you.


I just stumbled on your video tutorial and LOVED it. I can't wait to give it a try myself. I think you did an excellent job for a first video!


just found this tutorial and i love it....i will look forward to your first online class...i was in a class you taught in saluda nc and i am sooo in love with you as a teacher..... such talent...


Wow Katie, what an awesome tutorial! And guess what! Nevr Dull is even available right here in the Netherlands...even in my own hometown. This I'm going to try! Super! Thanks for sharing this technique with us!

Darlene Ferree

wonderful tutorial! now i know how you can get those certain designs. can't wait to do one of my own!

Di McDonald

Thanks so much Katie for this video. I am a visual person so the videos are so informative for me. I also could do without the music....but was so thrilled to see your techniques, now I need to see what you do next LOL LOL

E Makes Art

Love this video! Thanks for sharing. I found it through Pinterest



Thanks !! I didn't understand what is the stuff you use to rub the magazine's pages. could you tell me please !!! Have a nice day !!


Thank you so much for this wonderful video. I found this a few weeks back and ordered the Never Dull as I could not find it locally. I already have my sheets of magazines pages and received the Never Dull yesterday. I can't wait to try this! Thanks again.


What a great tutorial! Thank you so much for sharing this with the world. It might just be my ears, but the volume of the (beautiful) music made it difficult for me to keep my focus on your voice. But this is a fantastic video, and I'm so grateful for your generous instruction and incredible talent. I absolutely love your art. Thank you!!!

Janine Vincent

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