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Jennifer White

As simple as it sounds, a damp rag to either rug off paint or distress a picture.

Adrienne Berry

What a beautiful piece. Mine is a black sharpie marker. I don't know what it is I just love doodling, drawingand writing with them!


Currently mine is a credit card (no, not to buy more supplies, though that's fun!). I love using it to spread and scrape paint around for backgrounds.

Cindy O'Leary

Hmmm, lately I've been using Peerless watercolors for journal background pages. I spritz an area, tear a bit of the sheet, and just smear it around; tearing, spritzing, smearing--love the mindless activity!

Katie LaClair

ooh what a lovely encaustic piece! lately i've been into using a needle and thread to stitch some texture into my work.


I'm enjoying a dip pen and black ink these days. The imperfectness and unpredictability is so lovely.

TE Willans

I just love the blow torch.

Mary C. Nasser

Wow! What another gorgeous painting by Mary Beth!

Since taking Mary Beth's workshops, my new favorite has been Mica...specifically lapis mica!!

And, Katie, I absolutely love your work in Mary Beth's book, too!!


I am addicted to using a credit card too - I love scraping and smooshing paint around! I'm going to look for this book today! :-)

Brenda Thebeau

love this woman's work and love her book, so I'm hoping to be very lucky and win this wonderful piece of art.

Brenda Thebeau

Big PS! I forgot to tell you that one of the fun things I'm using now to create designs on my canvases is Gorilla Glue, the one that expands when spritzed with water. What fun

Paula S In New Mexico

Oh wow, I sure love this encaustic. AND, can't wait to get the book. That Mary Beth is quite the gal.

Erin Perry

Latest favorite tool - sandpaper. I love the instant aging and vintage look it gives - and a sheet lasts forever. What a beautiful piece by Mary Beth.


I just ordered this book yesterday without knowing anything about it and then stumbled upon your blog today as a happy accident! I can't wait to actually hold it in my hands! One of my favorite tools/supplies right now are stamps of every flavor and variety! Textured ones, hand carved ones, ones bought at a local boutique, anything that CAN be a stamp--has become a stamp in my studio these days!

Judy Shea

I love MB's book and her work. I love any texture.. Molding paste (wood icing, too) spread through an old plastic doily, dried then antiqued. Fantastic.

thank you for a great opportunity.

[email protected]


What a wonderful & generous give-a-way! My favorite thing to use right now is a stabilio marks all pencil....it's great! I use it to draw as well as in addition to paints, pastels, etc.


I love this piece by Mary Beth! All that texture makes me swoon. I'm currently loving rubbing alcohol thanks to a couple of your videos I found in just the last couple of weeks! I even had to buy three different strengths to experiment with - who knew??? (obviously you did; thanks for sharing!)

Maria C. Little

Hello fellow Tahuya & Dewatto Bay resident! (Yes, it's Maria here.) ArtFest'11 was good where I saw someone with MBS's book in her hands. So, needless to say, I ordered, AND wonderful that you're in there! Yay! More tricks of the trade to learn.
Will it ever warm up! Peace, love, & justice. Maria

Sheri Weistaner

The book looks fabulous! I can't wait to get it in the mail. The two things I can't seem to live without right now are my 1 1/2 inch brayer and my molding paste with stencils. I know my brayer is important to me because I work with a lot of kids and I get a little anxious when they want to use it.....Thank you for the generous offer. The art is beautiful.


beautiful encaustic piece. The supply i seem to use the most these days is joint compound. I use it to create my backgrounds for my mixed media pieces. paint would me my 2nd. love to just play with it~

Chris Meissner

Cool encaustic art work. I've been putzing around with plaster-making bowls....having a blast!!

Marge Fulton

Love your blog BTW. I love using Sketch and Wash Graphite Pencils to render my image. Then I spray it lightly with water and rub some of the shadowed areas. After this I spray it with fixative or add collage elements. These pencils are almost holy to me.

lorrie spotts

I love using my water spritzer and also these really old doilies that I found at a farmer's market.

beth fedigan

hummmm...only one favorite? well, i'll have to say i've been using the heck out of wood icing, after meeting marybeth at an encaustic workshop in san antonio... its like an adventure to see how many different pieces i can use it with..


My favourite lately? My pelikan opaque watercolors. They make such bright delicious saturated pages!

Chris Aiton

I was recently introduced to Mary Beth's work and am fascinated by it. My trusty paint brushes and paints are my favorite tools and supplies - the surface can be almost anything!


a pencil. It's cheap and almost always available ;-)

purpleone at gmail.com

Christine Merritt

I found those plastic tablecloths with all the raised intricate patterns. The ones I used to scour garage sales and goodwill for... they were at the local KMart. I bought one of every pattern they had...
I use them for layering in collage and getting all that great texture.. so fun

Kim Mailhot

I love india ink and the dip pen I inherited from my dad with all kinds of different tips. The black is just so black.
Thanks so much for the chance to enter this awesome giveaway ! You ladies rocks !!!

Susan in Seattle

I love all my water soluble art supplies...from graphite pencils to color pencils and oil pastels. All very yummy marks being made here! Also couldn't live without my water brushes. Oh..can't forget my sponges!


Love the encaustic piece and looking forward to checking out the book!
One of my favorite tools to use is a black china marker. I use it to outline edges and add texture and color to paper.

Carol Weiler

Really hard to decide but right now I rarely create a work without using soft gel,Golden, for something-collaging papers, making texture, mixing with paint,etc. And glazing liquid is a close runner up.

Donna Knadle

Credit card and baby wipes! My husband bought the book for me for Mother's Day (I haven't peeked except to have Mary Beth sign it at Artfest).

lorraine lewis

Baby wipes & stamps.
My all time favorite supplies when creating backgrounds!

Two more weeks Katie girl..... I am so excited!

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